Shaman Cleansing Wash

Eco-Safe Surface Disinfectant & Cleanser

Our shaman cleansing wash harnesses the power of HOCl in a water-like consistency to make a super versatile sprayable wash that kills viruses and bacteria on surfaces. Just like we see in the food industry, where HOCl is used directly on food and equipment, our non-toxic cleansing was can be used to sanitize almost anything.

  • Provides: Highly effective cleansing solution for eradication of viruses and bacteria. Effective disinfection and cleansing for all "high touch surfaces."
  • Developed For: Hospitals, Institutions, Senior Care Facilities, Businesses, Homeowners, and First Responders.
  • Active Ingredient: HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) 0.0046%
  • Pricing: Call For Information

Shaman Cleansing Products

Due to the current crisis, we have begun producing Shaman Cleansing Wash at our factory here in Kansas City, MO. This product uses an active ingredient called Hypochlorous acid, or HOCl. This active ingredient is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, in addition to being highly effective against viruses and bacteria.

About Hypochlorous Acid

Hypochlorous acid, or HOCl, is a week acid naturally produced by the body's white blood cells to fight against viruses and bacteria.

What does the EPA say about hypochlorous acid (HOCl)?

In response to the current crisis, the EPA has actually loosened regulations on the production of HOCl "to help ensure that disinfectant products remain available as the country responds to the current pandemic."1 The FDA and EPA both recognized the effectiveness and safety of this active ingredient.

How else is hypochlorous acid used?

  • Hospitals: Because of its disinfecting properties, HOCl is commonly used in hospitals to clean patients' rooms.
  • First-Aid: HOCl is also used in first-aid applications as wound cleanser.
  • Food Productions: Due to its non-toxic nature, hypochlorous acid is also used in food production, both on equipment and directly on food.
  • Water Treatment: HOCl is also used as a safe way to treat drinkable water supplies as well as swimming pools
  • Cosmetic Removal: In fact, it's even used in eye-makeup remover as it's effective cleaning agent that tends not to irritate skin


Learn more about HOCl on Wikipedia:

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